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Are you photographer? Photo trip begins right at your accommodation in Ljubljana or its wider suburb.  Do you look for best places, hidden spots, breath-taking landscapes, off the beaten path experiences or, just unexpected moments? Slovenia is divided in to four geographical units. We have Alps and Prealps there are countless, breath taking landscapes, hidden from usual tourist eyes. Just 45 minutes drive away from Ljubljana there rests Karst region. One of the biggest underground system of caves with stalactites, stalagmites…. Its surface is even more diverse. Sinkholes, Karst fields, natural tunnels, natural bridges and European biggest area of truly virgin forest. It is here where you can take photos of brown bear and other animals in the nature.  Pannonian lowland is home to vast fields, numerous vineyards and most warm and friendly people. Beautiful landscape architecture weakens photographer in every person! Last but not the least we have  seaside too. Imagine small coastal cities with medieval architecture with picturesque landscape, a true heaven for photographers.

These geographic units offer everything in the terms of nature, landscapes, animals, locals and their everyday life, typical activities and architecture. Besides big diversities, Slovenia is all about short distances which enables to encompass one whole region per day or combination of highlights in two or even three regions per day. Wildlife, virgin forests, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, mountains, sunsets, sunrises and picturesque landscapes are just waiting for you to catch them in your lens. Contact us and we´ll set a photo trip according to your wishes!

Duration: up to 8 hours

PRICES (all Prices are per person):

Number of persons Price
1 239 EUR
2 119 EUR
3 79  EUR
4 59   EUR
5-8 44   EUR

Prices include:

  • transportation from and to your accommodation, parking fees
  • up to 250 km,
  • English speaking guide.


  • Entrances,
  • food and drinks.


Send us an inquiry about your trip.