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Break away from the tourist mould and immerse yourself into Slovenian lifestyle. On this Meet locals tour, you visit a local family at its home. They live in the forest, yet in the Ljubljana city centre. Their home is just 20 minutes walk away from city sights. What to expect? Have a chat with locals about their everyday life, have you ever heard about potica, the the most famous typical Slovenian pastry? They will demonstrate how to prepare it. In an extension go with one of them, who is with certified local guide on the city tour or on the walk through the woods. You will also try authentic Slovenian meal afterwards. So meet locals and:

  • Learn about Slovenian life style and culture,
  • peep in family home
  • learn about Slovenian traditional activities
  •  get additional hints about what to do in Slovenia

Duration: 6-7 hours

PRICES (all prices are per person):

Number of persons Price
1 174 EUR
2 94 EUR
3 74  EUR
4 59   EUR
5-8 49   EUR

Prices include:

  • Transportation from and to your accommodation,
  • English speaking guide,
  • Demonstration of potica baking
  • Ljubljana sightseeing or hiking in nearby woods.
  • Lunch with family


  • drinks on sightseeing


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