Lipica and Škocjan caves

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Lipica and Škocjan caves is simply must to do trip when visiting Slovenia. Lipica settlement is world famous after the oldest European stud farm, continually breeding a single breed of Lipizzan horse. Its beginnings reach back in the year 1578. The original and oldest stable – Velbanca, still hosts all the classical lines of Lipizzaner stallions. The Škocjan Caves Regional Park is situated in the Škocjan Karst, a vast flat landscape that lies in the south-east of the Karst region. It comprises a unique landscape, a typical “Karst architecture” with its system of caves, collapse dolines and individual natural monuments. The unique distribution of flora and fauna co-existing in an extremely small area proves that this is a highly diverse region in terms of both biotic and abiotic parameters and simultaneously as well as vulnerable one. Thus Škocjan caves are one of the rarest worlds caves listed on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage. Lipica and Škocjan caves show connection between man and nature.

English speaking guide picks you up at 9.00 AM in front of your accommodation in Ljubljana. After 70 min. drive we arrive to Lipica stud farm. After a good hour of sightseeing we come to Škocjan cave cca. At 12.00 There you have an hour lunch break. Škocjan cave tour starts at 13.00 and ends at 14.30. We return to Ljubljana at ca.16.00.

DURATION: up to 9 hours

PRICES (all prices are per person):

Number of persons Price
1 254 EUR
2 141 EUR
3 105 EUR
4 86  EUR
5-8 74   EUR

Price includes:

  • Transfer from and to your accommodation, parking fees,
  • English speaking guide,
  • entrance fee and guided visit in Lipica stud farm,
  • entrance fee and guided visit the Škocjan caves.


  • Local lunch 16 EUR per person
  • drinks


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