Karst on foot

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  • Karst on foot
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Karst on foot guided trip reveals the beauties of the green Karst in the Inner Carniola. You walk through wild forest and step into the fourth largest cave ecosystem in the world – Križna cave. There see underground formations such as stalactites and stalagmites. After that climb nearby standing hill Križna Gora and get the whole picture from above! Afterwards spoil yourself with delicious typical local bio food at a tourist farm!

Southern, yet not far from Ljubljana rests Rakov Škocjan, the regional park. It is a wonderful wild Karst valley, formed by the Rak river, which springs under the little natural bridge, meanders  few kilometres through the valley and goes under the ground near big natural bridge. This unique landscape offers many opportunities suitable for landscape photography. Karst on foot is our authentic adventure and unforgettable experience that will make you coming back over and over again.

Duration: 10 hours

PRICES (all Prices are per person):

Number of persons Price
1 204 EUR
2 124 EUR
3 87  EUR
4 78   EUR
5-8 64   EUR

Prices include:

  • transportation, from and to your accommodation, parking fees,
  • English speaking guide,
  • guided walk through Rakov Škocjan park and Križna Gora hill


  • Entrance fee for guided tour in Križna cave – 8 EUR per Person
  • food and drinks


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